Sunday, October 19, 2008

America Gets a Colinic

Every blogger in the country will be writing about Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama, but I have to write a few sentences myself on this extraordinary turn of events.

Colin Powell has always been just a shade more red than blue. After retiring from the Army, and his position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he refused to disclose his party affiliation even as he encouraged speculation that he would run for President. None the less, as W's Secretary of State, he endorsed and helped implement the Bush doctrine.

This was in the day's after 9-11, when most Americans supported Bush, believing that he was protecting the country in good faith. The few voices that warned we were overreaching in our response, and that we were giving the executive branch powers it was sure to abuse, were derided for playing politics during a national security crisis.

I think Colin Powell is doing what many Americans wish they could do. His endorsement is a way of saying, “Bush, we trusted you during an emergency, and you betrayed us with your cronies, and failed us with your incompetence."

When Powell, the most qualified and level headed person in the administration, shared his concerns about the direction of the war on terror, he was frozen out of decision making, and eventually resigned. His endorsement of Obama is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Disapproval on the Republican party as currently constituted.

Many have lamented the fact that America is forced to choose between only two incestuous parties. Next January it look as if only one of them, the Democrats, will have any real power, for at least two years. That's because most people in this country don't think the Republicans can even be trusted, as a balance against Democratic domination.

Thanks Mr. Powell. You took the words out of our mouths.

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